Friday, February 17, 2017

Friendly Fill-ins with Connor

Happy Friday! We are joining Friday Fill-ins today. It’s hosted by 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader. Connor is helping me with the questions today.

1. Snow ___________________.

2. My favorite kind of soup is _________________.

3. When no one is around, I _______________. 

4. _______________ is my _____________.

1. Snow is one of my favorite things. (Connor: Snow is very interesting. It falls out of the sky and just seems to get bigger and bigger when it hits the grass.)

2. My favorite kind of soup is lentil. (Connor: My favorite soup is the juice in those Delectables packages.)

3. When no one is around, I take a nap. (Connor: When no one is around, I, uh, -- am a good boy.)

4. Larry is my best friend. (Connor: My Dad is my hero.)

Friday, February 10, 2017

Happy 1st Gotcha Day, Connor!

This is the picture that Friends of Campbell County Animal Control,
the volunteer group that partners with Campbell County Animal Control,
posted on Facebook. I shared it and tagged Larry, and the rest is history.

Happy 1st Gotcha Day, Connor Romeo! It has been a year since we adopted you from the Campbell County Animal Shelter, and life has not been the same since. You have been a joy to us, and we love you forever!

You were just 9 months old then. You are a big boy now. But still our baby.

Here are some favorite pictures of you, Connor:

One of the first pictures I took of Connor on the day we adopted him.

Connor was sick when we adopted him. The vet gave him an antibiotic,
but he was so quiet and wouldn't eat. We were very worried. I stayed up with him all night.
When he kicked off the blanket and turned over on his back,
looking more comfortable, I was so happy.

Stretching out for a nap.

And a close up of the napping boy.

Connor loves to play.

Visiting with Billy the Squirrel.

Connor loves to learn.

Sometimes he has a lot to say.

He loves to conduct experiments.

He's our sweet boy.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sticks, boxes, and a bag

We call this picture "Sad Box."
The fuzzy toys are attached to the sticks that make the game fun.

So what have Abbey, Natasha, and Connor been doing lately? 

The cat toys for the most part have been ignored. Who needs cat toys when you have sticks, boxes, and a bag?

Right after Christmas, the kitties enjoyed sitting in the used gift boxes that we didn’t fold up to use another year. One evening, during our interactive play time (I know. I sound like a helicopter mom), I started waving the stick part of a wand toy underneath a box. The kitties decided it was fun to chase and pounce on the stick and go after it before it disappeared under the box. And a new game was discovered.

Since then, as the gift boxes have worn out, we’ve gotten out others. We’re at the point where we need to get more out of storage because they wear out after numerous games. And Connor likes to pretend he’s a lion and rip off pieces of the cardboard.

For a few days, we added a catnip bag, until Connor channeled the lion with that, too. 

Still, every night, we play a little stick and box. Who said the simple things weren’t fun?

The pictures are not great. As you know, it's hard to take pictures and wave sticks around at the same time.

Abbey resting in a box after playing.

Abbey: "I'm going to get you, stick!" Natasha waits nearby.

Abbey and Connor: box or bag?

Natasha: "My paws are faster than you, stick!"

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Abbey Speaks

Abbey, September 2016

Hi, eberypawdy! It’s me, Abbey. Thank you for thinking of me and praying for me. 

I am doing well overall. I have thrown up 4 times within the last 4 weeks (Mama calls them episodes). One of those may have been the work of Natasha or Connor, but none of us are talking about it. Even if it’s 4 for me, that’s a lot better than what was going on before.

I don’t make it easy for Mama and Dad to give me the Cerenia, but Mama is (finally) getting faster at pushing the pill in with that stick thing (pet piller), so at least I don’t have to be upset too long.

I like the venison food pretty well. I like the I/D food too. Mama put away the Blue Buffalo to see if we would be OK with that. Dad weighed me a couple weeks ago, and I weighed 12.7 pounds. Mama weighed me Saturday, and I still weighed 12.7 pounds. At the vet on Jan. 9, I weighed 12.11 pounds. 

Mama sure is keeping her eye on me. She looks worried. I try to show her I’m OK by running around and playing. And wrestling with Connor. But Mama is a worrier. She is going to talk with the vet to see if she wants to do more tests and to see if she wants me to stay on the Cerenia.

We sure have missed you. I told Mama I wanted to talk with you all and make sure you didn’t forget us. We’ve got things to talk about and stories to tell you! We hope you all have been well.

See you on Wednesday!