Wednesday, March 9, 2016

On Wednesday: Home with Cats #5


“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.”
--Jean Cocteau

Every Wednesday, we explore different ways home is changed, improved, and complicated when cats are part of that home.


A home with cats is beautiful. A home with cats also needs to have certain things that make life easier—and cleaner—for cats and for the humans living there.

Every cat person is different and every home will have different “must haves.” I doubt I’m telling you anything new if you’ve had cats in the home for a while. But it’s fun to compare notes and learn from each other. Here, in no particular order, are some of the things that we keep on hand because we choose to have a home with cats. 

*Paper towels. Lots of paper towels.

*Cleaners that won’t affect carpet, hardwood floors, or upholstery. Throw-up and poop outside the box happen. I am not endorsing any cleaning product, but some that we have used are Resolve and Windex Multisurface with disinfectant.

*Blankets/throws to cover the furniture. None of our furniture is off-limits to the cats. Over the years we’ve collected throws and blankets that cover our living room and den furniture. They help keep cat hair and other stains from getting on upholstery. But they are also softer than the upholstery and are more comfortable for the cats and the humans in the home.

*Other blankets. A soft blanket over a cat bed, a mini-afghan over the end of the sofa where a cat likes to sleep—these make things comfortable and cozy.

*Old towels that have softened with years of laundering. We have a stack. They’re good for covering a cat bed and lining the carrier when we have to make a trip to the vet.

*Plenty of bowls. Bowls for dry food. Bowls for wet food. Bowls for water. We have bowls to back up bowls. And lots of dishwashing soap.

*Important phone numbers in an easy-to-find location. In our case, that’s our refrigerator. We keep our vet’s phone number and the contact information for the emergency hospital where we know we can get it when we need it. Our vet’s card has the office hours on it too, so when I need to call, I can see immediately what their schedule is. (Note: I know my vet’s phone number by heart, but when you’re in a panic or upset, it’s good to have the number where you can see it in case you can’t remember it.)

*Treats. I asked my husband for ideas for this post, and he suggested treats. If your cats love treats, it’s best not to be without them. They know the difference between the dry food you sneak out of the bag and a treat. We know. We’ve tried.

So what do you make sure you always have in the home for your cats? Please share in the comments.


  1. We've got gobs of bowls. We have old sweaters and coats thrown across chairs for sleeping tents for Chuck, while Angel jumps on top of them to nap. We have boxes EVERYWHERE, which are conveniently changed if soiled. We use a mixture of baking soda and water to clean and sterilize 'oopsies', and I've even sprayed it outside where a roaming tomcat sprayed his special perfume! Oh, almost forgot...we have chairs, tables, and unused planters under almost every window in the house!

  2. Mine like catnip and honeysuckle toys.

  3. Yes, all of these! We also keep in stock: Charcoal filters for their water fountain, Feliway for their difusers, as many carriers as are cats and fast, easy access to them, and place mats for sloppy eaters. Also, a big manila envelope for each kitty containing all their records. Oops, almost forgot toys! Gotta have ALL THE TOYS!

  4. guys...round heer de food servizz gurl all wayz makes sure we haz litter....anda few extree tinz oh canned goodz & kibble durin "winter"...just in case therz a feerce storm ♥♥♥

  5. You wrote my list. I'd add knitted mice. TONS of knit mice!

  6. We have lots of blankets...and paper towels...and cleaners....and lots of toys for us!

  7. Everything you have, we have! And our cats are not off limit either on furniture, aside from kitchen counters, dining table, and all food/eating areas; for obvious reasons. And of course, there are lots of toys around...that I have to get from under the furniture every few days. Where they always end up!

  8. Your home sounds like our home :) I use the Method brand cleaner because they are safe. Lots of litter is very important too.

  9. my sons have cats and the one thing i always notice are lots of toys in their homes!!!!

    natasha is beautiful!!!!

  10. Yes to all of those! :)

    The blankets on the furniture, especially! Ha!

  11. We have tons of cat toys and lots of kitty feeding dishes as we need one for each to prevent shoving. MOL