Friday, May 27, 2016

Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop – The Mama Returns

Whatever happened to my mousie? ~Abbey

Happy Friday! Tina here. Abbey, Natasha, and Connor said they were tired of carrying on the blog for me while I was so busy. As of today, I’m on vacation (can you see me doing a happy dance right now?). So the kitties insisted I fill in the blanks today for the Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop, presented by 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader

Here are this week’s prompts:

Whatever happened to ____________________?

I always ________________________ on Memorial Day (or your country’s equivalent).

I used to wish ___________________, but _______________________.

I just cannot _________________, no matter ____________________.

And my answers:

Whatever happened to Wilford Brimley? (Sounds odd, but my husband and I saw him in an old movie recently and were wondering.)

I always think of my dad on Memorial Day (or your country’s equivalent). (A year before he passed away, I asked my dad what he thought about on Memorial Day. He served in the Pacific Theatre during WWII. He said he thought about the ones that didn’t come home and how thankful he was that he had.)

I used to wish for only good things to happen in my life, but now I hope for the grace to handle whatever comes my way.

I just cannot like cooked carrots, no matter how good they are for me.

Have a great weekend, humans and fur friends!


  1. I hadn't thought of Wilford Brimley in ages. Yes, what did happen to him?

  2. I like your answers! I remember Wilford Brimley! He is retired, now. He used to be in rodeos and ran a farm. I just prating for strength, as I believe I can handle most anything. As Mother Teresa said, I just wish God didn't trust me so much. Cooked carrots, bleh. I will eat them, but I won't like them (too sweet). HUGS! Thanks for joining us. Annie at ~McGuffy's Reader~

  3. Oh I love cooked carrots. I one them roasted with olive oil and sea salt.

  4. I think Wilfred Brimley died a few years ago. Seems I remember reading something about it. Ask wikipedia. They know everything. Not always accurately...

    Whatever happened to my great grandfather who died in a mental institution. Why?
    I always either plant flowers (yesterday) or go to the lake on Memorial Day (or your country’s equivalent).
    I used to wish I lived in Europe but now I'm not as sure as I used to be.
    I just cannot seem to lose weight or keep my office tidy no matter what I do!

  5. Thank you for participating in the friendly fill-ins. I am glad your Dad came back from the War. I am off to look up Wilfred Brimley- I never heard the name before? Have a great weekend!

  6. My father passes away 12 years ago; he served in WWII but in the end, it was childhood polio that caused his lung cancer. Every one of his brothers served in that war, they all came back but are long gone now. My cousin and bro-in-law served in Vietnam, and thankfully they both came back. I salute and support our troops, and wish they could all just come home. Have a nice weekend!

  7. Wilford Brimley was cool! My father was in the Navy during WWII, and on Memorial Day he was always so proud to participate in the ceremony at the cemetery! I agree with your approach to life, no one can escape some struggles and sorrows, they help us grow. I pray for courage and direction and faith! Carrots can be good... if they are raw and in carrot sticks, or baby carrots cooked in a a brown sugar glaze :-)

  8. Wilford Brimley! Yes, whatever did happen to him?

    What a fun post!

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  10. Oh no, I don't like cooked carrots either,they are much better raw. Flynn doesn't like them either. Two of his favourite food varieties have them and he always leaves them in a pile on the side of his dish. Other varieties have green beans which he also leaves. What is it with putting it in their food?

  11. Great answers! We especially liked #3. That's awesome.
    If our mom answered that last one, it would be mushrooms, regardless of what you do to them. Ha roo roo roo!

  12. I can envision the happy dance you're doing! Woohoo! I agree on the cooked carrots. But I love a raw carrot!

  13. Well according to Googling Wilford Brimley he's still alive & well at age 75.
    My dad couldn't get into the military due to a back problem so he never served but he wanted to.
    Yes learn to accept and deal with whatever comes one's way is probably better than only wishing for good things to happen.
    I can take or leave cooked carrots, frozen ones are yucky though.

  14. Great answers. When I was a kid, I hated cooked carrots. Now I love them. Go figure. ~Island Cat Mom

  15. fun facts about you!!! i love raw carrots, now i eat them cooked because i cook them in butter and brown sugar!!! YuM, a new favorite of mine!!!

  16. Cool answers! Carmine actually likes cooked carrots, MOL!