Friday, May 13, 2016

Scary Mystery Solved—Kind Of

Monday morning, after I gave the kitties their breakfast, I noticed a dark spot on the kitchen floor. I wiped it with a wet paper towel and saw that it was red. Blood.

The cats were all acting normally. They had eaten. I didn’t know where the blood had come from.

Larry and I looked around, and we found blood drops and specks in four different rooms in the house. The scariest sight was in the kitty Zen room. Blood was on the floor, with splatters on the wall above it.

The blood hadn’t been there the night before. It definitely looked like someone had been injured during the night. The blood splattered on the wall made us think there had been a cat fight. But we hadn’t heard anything. And the cats had never drawn blood before.

I called into work and told them I’d be late. We checked all three cats—no blood, no injuries. No sign of blood in the litter box. No blood on any of the places where they slept or looked out the windows. So where had it all come from?

I worried all day. Someone had been hurt. That really couldn’t be denied. But who?

I knew that a wound could easily become an abscess. My first cat Waddles had apparently gotten bitten by another cat in the shelter before I adopted her. A small scab became a huge abscess, and she had to have surgery. 

I wanted to keep that from happening now. But which cat did I take to the vet?

Larry checked them during the day and watched them. He found nothing, and they were acting normally. When I got home, I started examining them again.

Natasha was sitting on the window seat in the bedroom. I ran my fingers through her fur on top of her head and felt something. I pulled a claw out of her fur. It looked like one of the claws that cats shed.

In the light from the window, I saw a maroonish spot on her head. I wiped it off with a damp cloth. Blood. 

Larry and I couldn’t see any wound. And she didn’t appear to be hurting or sick. She played and ate. But I wanted to be sure she was OK. 

So the next morning, Larry took her to the vet. She found a scratch on the edge of Natasha’s left ear, in an area that would bleed a lot. The blood would probably splatter on a nearby wall if Natasha had shaken her head.

Natasha’s temperature was borderline. It may or may not have been related to the wound. But as a precaution, the vet gave her a long-lasting antibiotic shot.

And Natasha is fine. There is no swelling on her ear. She’s acting like Natasha. 

Natasha sitting in the living room in April.

I don’t know how she got hurt. I suppose it’s possible she scratched herself. But most likely she and either Abbey or Connor were swatting each other or fighting. 

I feel so guilty that she was injured sometime that night and I didn’t hear it. I didn’t know she was hurt. And I was reminded again how cats can hide their hurts and illnesses.

So mystery solved, kind of. We know where the blood came from, just not what led up to the injury.

I’m just thankful she’s OK.


  1. wo,what a suspense ,it is scary to find blood in house and dont know from where it came one can be puzzled by so many assumptions ,glad that finally you knew that what happened actually and you cat got cure ,have a blessed day dear

  2. Im glad she is okay. Don't feel bad about her getting hurt. Animals are like kids... Sometimes they get hurt and you can't prevent it. You took good care of her and I am certain she appreciates it!

  3. That must have been difficult to go to work not knowing where the blood came from. But you persisted and found the source--you are a diligent cat momma.

  4. That must've been so scary to find blood throughout the house. Glad she's okay!

  5. Wow -- that sounds like a lot of blood and it would be hugely scary to discover and still not be able to trace it to a specific cat. I'm glad you figured it out. I have a tough time clipping Lizzie's nails (like "this is not allowed!") and then of course sometimes I think she scratches herself. I'll find a little scab. No scary blood, though. Well, with the antibiotic shot -- that's good and if she's back to herself, good. But still, scary!

  6. How scary! We're sure glad Natasha is OK!!!

  7. Ohhhhhh wow...that was scary and what a mystery. Bravo to you and Larry for sticking with it until you find the source of the blood. It has always amazed me how a drop or two of blood can look like a pint. Just seems to grow.
    thank goodness all are well.
    Hugs Madi and mom

  8. I am glad she was OK too. Cats are so good at hiding their illnesses, you were smart to take her to the vet.

  9. I am so glad you found who it was and QHAT it was and I understand how you felt. They re ours, we are responsible for them and pledged we would love and take care of them forever and ever. And that is what we want to do. You 're good parents.

  10. thank goodness she is ok, not your fault, we can't be everywhere all of the time!!!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  11. That's so scary! We are so glad Natasha is okay. Don't be too hard on yourself ... cats are notoriously good at hiding any discomfort, so you couldn't have known.

  12. I'm so glad to hear that she's okay. You are so right about cats hiding their hurts and illnesses.

  13. Yikes, I would have freaked out! Glad Natasha is scary!