Friday, May 6, 2016

Tyrone and All Souls Connected

I want to tell you about a nonprofit that does amazing work for animals, and about the cat that inspired it.

Tyrone—also known as Ty Bean or Ty—was one of the first cats I followed on Facebook. By the time I found him in early 2015, he had been rescued, given a cancer diagnosis and just weeks to live, and had beaten the odds. 

The story of his rescue and his survival is one you will want to read, and is best told by two of his mommas, Maria and Beth, HERE.

Soon after I started following Ty, he got bad news. He was diagnosed with lymphoma. He received treatments. But then cancer affecting his eye came back with a vengeance and couldn’t be stopped. He made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge in October of last year.

His story is not over. You can follow the story on his Facebook page, Tenderness for Tyrone – A Legacy of Love. Because even though Ty faced many challenges in the two short years he was with Maria and Beth, he also showed them and all of his followers what it was like to live the best life he could.

Abbey with our King Ty Stuffy. The Stuffys are a beautiful rendition of Ty and
were created to raise funds for All Souls Connected and to raise awareness about
special-needs cats. Stuffys are still available--see Ty's Facebook page
for information on ordering.

He inspired his mommas, Maria and Beth and Amy, to start a nonprofit, All Souls Connected, which is a nonprofit committed “to the education and care for animals, earth & sky.”

He also inspired many people, including me, to not let problems and challenges get us so far down that we can’t see any light. He taught us to help others, especially the weak, the hurt, the sick, and the lonely, despite our own worries and struggles. He taught us that there is much to be done to help those with no voice, and we best get to it and do what we can.

Ty has his own book, a collection of imagined texts between Ty and his mommas.
This book moves me to tears and makes me laugh, sometimes
while reading the same page. It's available on Amazon.

I wanted to tell you about Ty because his story has helped so many people, including me. And the nonprofit he inspired continues to help animals in need. 

His Facebook page follows the journeys of his mommas as they rescue animals and care for them. Three of those animals have been Henry, a badly injured cat rescued from the streets of Philadelphia; Cecil, a FIV-positive cat with a bad eye; and JoJo, a blind kitty who is positive for feline leukemia. 

Did I mention that Maria and Beth seem to take the toughest cases? Their hearts are huge and though they have been broken many times, they continue with their work, knowing that Ty’s spirit is watching over them.

Our King Ty Stuffy sits in the kitty zen room beside a remembrance of Chase Bird
given to us by a friend. We call our kitty room--where kitties and humans
can relax--the kitty zen room because Ty had a Zen room
where he could relax and enjoy the quiet.

Once you learn more about Ty and his journey and the good work All Souls Connected does, I hope you’ll be inspired: to help them with their work; to keep on with the work you already do to help animals in need; and to learn from a cat with a bad eye, a crooked ear, and catitude to spare that the time we have here can be joyous no matter our circumstances.

Note: All Souls Connected can also be found on Facebook HERE.


  1. Thank you for sharing Tyrone. I will have to follow All Souls Connected.

  2. sounds like a wonderful non-profit and a real legacy of love!!!!

  3. Just beautiful Tina. ������

  4. They are doing wonderful things! We have knowingly adopted special needs animals before. They have so much love to give.

  5. guys....we R knot on facebook but will definitley chex out Ty's book on amazon; de food servizz gurl said her will chex out hiz storee frum yur linx two; sew manee thanx for sharin ~ Ty sounds like a total lee dude !! ♥♥♥

  6. Ty's life on earth was short but he sure found lots of loving while he was here and what a brave kitty.
    Hugs madi your bfff
    PS Mom is not allowed on FB...because she can hardly keep up with my blog.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. This is wonderful. I have such a fondness for special needs animals, and have adopted two of my own over the past couple of years. Ty sounds like such an inspiration, as do Maria, Beth, and Amy. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  8. Thank you Tina. for the wonderful article on our Bean.

  9. I'm crying again. I'm so glad there are people like Maria Beth & Amy out there. They are wonderful & do what so many will not. Thank you for bringing more attention to All Souls. They are pawsome.

  10. TyBean and I have an amazing connection. I believe he was found the day my business was founded. He had cancer, I had cancer. I got to meet him and his Mommas and he will always have a special place in my heart! Thanks for sharing the love! XOXO Ty!

  11. What a wonderful organization. Thanks for sharing it. I'll check out their blog!

  12. Marian and Beth sound like wonderful people. I will check put their Facebook page.

  13. What a wonpurful article on the Mommas, the many cats and of course, our Ty Bean. This article made my eyeballers leak again (as tinkie would say!), but for a good reason. Tinkie has gone on a few adventures with Ty and the others and there will always be a special place in my heart for that wonderful cat! <3

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