Friday, July 8, 2016

Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop: With Connor

Happy Friday! We’re participating in the Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop, presented by 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader

1. ___________________ was easier than I expected.

2. Bucket list: 1) ________________ 2) ___________________ 3) ______________________.

3. I cannot believe ____________________.

4. If I could ______________, I would _________________.

1. Learning the basic knit and purl stitches was easier than I expected (I haven’t been able to move beyond that though). (Connor: Getting on top of the tall dresser was easier than I expected.)

2. Bucket list: 1) visit Alaska; 2) be a contestant on Jeopardy; 3) read an essay on a NPR show. (Connor: Have a birdie friend; knock that picture down so I can see what’s behind it; play guitar on all the window blinds in the house.)

3. I cannot believe that some people think of their pets as disposable. (Connor: I cannot believe that some cats love catnip. I just don’t get it.)

4. If I could be a millionaire, I would build no-kill, lifetime animal sanctuaries all over the world. (Connor: If I could truly rule the house, I would make sure Mama and Papa stayed home all the time.)

Have a great weekend, human and fur friends!


  1. My boys all love Jeopardy. They would cheer for you!

  2. If you can knit and purl, you can make just about anything. These two are the basics and most everything else in knitting is just a manipulation or arrangement of those two stitches. Like with making looks like something horribly complicated, but it is just a matter or where you put those knit or purl stitches. For me, the hardest part is remember which stitch I just did! I'm forgetful something awful these days.

    I think it would be wonderful if you could build those shelters for all fo the fur babies. Then nobody would have to go hungry, cold, or unloved. They could all have a home.

    Have a great day!

  3. A great big no-kill animal shelter where all the animals had plenty to eat would be great. I would love to do that.

  4. Thank you for participating in the friendly fill-ins, I love your answers- both Connor and Mom. I think a no-kill shelter is a great idea. I haven't even mastered the knit and pearl, I just stick to crochet, it is easier. And Connor, some cats don't like nip, but they love silvervine- have you tried that? Have a great weekend.

  5. I love your fill-ins. My sister taught herself to knit, and I honestly don't know how she does it. Perhaps I'm just not patient enough. And I am 100% with you on #4 - I always tell myself that should I somehow become rich, I would become heavily addicted to donating and contributing to animal rescue and shelter efforts. And, Connor, your answers are purrfect, too!

  6. Great answers! Conner, Mr. M and Ms. Purrseidon shared your opinion of 'nip, too - then Ms. Kiara asked them to be testers for Cat-a-bliss and I was shocked how much they loved most of her blends. In fact, my dear M's arthritis has improved so much with her silvervine blend that he now get up on the rafter - previously, he needed help to get onto the sofa.

  7. My mom taught me how to knit and crochet when I was young; only knitting has stuck with me, but I can only make square, flat things! And the cats just go wild over the yarn and the moving needles, so I've pretty much put that hobby on the back burner.

  8. Great answers. My husband loves watching Jeopardy and he can guess half of the answers most of the time. I would love to visit Alaska also. I hear its really beautiful. Knitting didn't take me that long to learn which I thought it might but it caught on quickly. Hope you have a great day and weekend.

  9. #1, i totally agree and #4 is awesome!!!

  10. That was fun! Your bucket list is very interesting. And I love the idea of building sanctuaries. The best.

  11. Oh, yeah, Connor! The tall dresser! I heard a great story about my great-brother Zim and when he was first adopted! He was a year and a half old, but had never been in a house before. He jumped up on the tall dresser, grabbed a silk plant, and shredded it! Isn't that awesome!?!? Did I mention that, like me, he was a Siberian Husky?!!? He was so cool! I'd love to get on the tall dresser!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  12. Definitely let us know if you ever get on Jeopardy!

  13. Connor, we're those cats that like catnip.'s da bomb.

  14. Several of us mentioned Alaska. We should all go together! George still does not get catnip, either. He just turned 1, so he may never!
    Have a great weekend. Thank you for being part of Friendly Fill-Ins. Hugs.
    Annie at ~McGuffy's Reader~