Friday, October 28, 2016

Top 50 Cat Bloggers

Abbey, Natasha, Connor, and I are happy to have been included in the Top 50 Cat Bloggers list on Thoroughly Reviewed

According to its website, Thoroughly Reviewed “is a free online resource that allows consumers to view our editorial rankings and product comparisons. Like our name states we thoroughly review products and rank them based on our set of criteria that we feel is important to consumers. In order to keep this a free service we receive affiliate commissions for the products and services listed on this website. This does not influence our rankings. All of our research is our own and is not biased towards any specific product or company.”

For the kitties and me, the best parts of blogging are the friends we’ve made and the awesome pet blogs we’ve found—and not just about cats! 

Please check out the entire list of the Top 50 Cat Bloggers. We were so glad to see some of our blogging friends included on the list.