Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Question for Our Readers

Sweet Natasha

I want to draw on the wisdom of all of you, dear readers, and ask for your opinion.

When I think about adopting another cat, I first think about saving another life because we would adopt from our local shelter. But I also think in terms of Natasha.

Abbey and Natasha get along pretty well. They sometimes run after each other and smack at each other. But they also lick each other’s heads and touch noses, and they usually hang out together in peace.

But Abbey and Connor are close. They hang out together and run and play with each other much more than they do with Natasha.

Larry and I make sure we give each one of the kitties individual attention. But I wonder if Natasha feels left out and lonely because of Abbey and Connor’s close friendship. Sometimes she’ll walk into a room where the two oranges are playing or just looking out the window together, and she looks like she wants to join in but is hesitant. 

Or maybe that’s an incorrect interpretation.

Do you think adding another cat to the mix could help? Perhaps a kitten who wouldn’t seem threatening to Natasha? 

Of course, the new kitten could end up bonding more with Abbey and Connor. And Natasha may not want anyone else around. She may not be lonely. I could be foisting my own fears onto Natasha.

What do you think? Have any of you ever had similar experiences? How have you handled “odd cat out” situations?


  1. I never have had to deal with that and I have no idea of how the cats would think enough to offer a valid opinion. I think both of your scenarios are reasonable but as to what is likely -- up for grabs.

    The one thing I do know -- that no matter what you decide, you will give your kitty kids a wonderful home. And no one will be without love.

  2. I have had this experience in the past but I'm not sure that adding another cat into the mix is the answer. It may go very well or it may bring more stress into the situation for all the cats. And even to the new kitten.

  3. I hear a lot of male cats will try to murder kittens. Very sad

  4. Please consider visiting Pam Merritt has wonderful cat advice, especially about adding another cat! I too believe an additional cat or two would be perfect for Chuck, who only has Angel and they don't play together AT ALL. Another cat with the right personality would give Chuck companionship and help him think of something else besides his vet visits and twice-a-day pills.

  5. Adding a new member to a pack is a hard decision! I wish I knew more about cat behavior and could offer an educated, experienced opinion.

  6. All of our cats were strays who found us -- Dexter being the first in the household. When we found Olive (tortie), she was about 2 months old. They bonded quickly, cuddling and grooming all of the time. Dexter was about a year old when Olive came into the picture. Then we found Sophie, about 6 months old at the time. Dexter and Olive full adults by then. Dexter, as he did with Olive, quickly bonded with Sophie. But I am very sad to say that Olive no longer, or very rarely, cuddles with Dexter anymore. And she and Sophie have a very bad relationship. Sophie bullies Olive each morning and Olive has even drawn blood from Sophie (defending herself of course). I feel very bad for Olive regarding the bullying. However, I also don't think that Olive necessarily feels left out. I'm not sure if this helps you at all, as all cats are different, but I'm just sharing the dynamic of our household. And for Olive, I know she wouldn't welcome any newcomer into the house. She would much rather stay a lone kitty.

  7. We don't have any advice to share other than if you do decide to add another cat, make sure you introduce him/her to the others slowly. :)

  8. it's been my experience; { which isn't a lot } but here in trout towne, I've found that unless they are litter mates; two girls never get on well and neither do two boys; it's a matter of: ruling cat//I'm the boss///this is my territory thing....there in lies the problem; that if you bring in a male; connor might be offended. but cats can and do surprise us all and a new cat may fit right in and bond with natasha and surprise everyone. { if only they could talk !! } I want to include this link if I may; Brian was outnumbered by 6 sisters and his mom and dad recently brought in another female and a male; he may have some advice that can point you in the right direction fishes ♥♥♥

  9. I wish I had some advice being that I live with 13 cats, but I still can't figure out what they are thinking. Some play together and some tolerate one another. Snowball worships Phoebe, I had hoped Brody would give Phoebe a break, but Snowball doesn't care for him. It is hard to know how a new kitty would mix in with your group, all you can do is try.

  10. i don't have any pets and don't feel qualified to give you any advice. one thing i can say, is your love for cats is so enormous i feel you could give a cat in need, a wonderful home and life. it would be great for you and the new little addition but leave it to you to be mostly worried about dear natasha. i know you will figure it out and perhaps others can give you some advice. i'm sure you will make the right choice!!!

  11. I have only had one cat at a time. That being said, I have a cat and a dog and wanted to adopt a third pet. My Vet strongly advised against it for two reasons 1) finances 2) that it would destroy the dynamic between my cat and dog who get along so well.

  12. It's really hard to say. If you do decide to bring another kitty into the mix, our advice would just be to go slowly -- your chances of success will be so much higher if you allow the cats to become acquainted in their own time. :)

  13. I have adopted additional pets almost a dozen times now.. and adding new cats to the house has never disrupted the dynamics in the household pets that were there.

    Unfortunately adopting another cat for a specific pet isn't the same as getting a pet for a child. You can tell the child (or adult) that the pet is for them and they understand that and bond with it. Bringing another cat into a house with cats is like bringing in a roommate.. it might work as you want it to, it might not. We adopted a few kittens after Twee who wants to play with kittens, but they weren't interested in hanging out with her..

    If your only motivation is to get a friend for Natasha, I would say no. If you are secure enough to care for another cat and you want another cat and you have time and energy and whatnot for another cat and you hope that they will become friends, then absolutely, go for it!!