Monday, June 27, 2016

Mancat Monday: Connor and the Bird

I saw a birdie taking a bath in our backyard. 


I tried to get his attention.

Hey, over here!

But he didn’t want to talk to me.

He flew away.

Where are you going, birdie?

And that was that.

I have no birdie friends.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop: With Abbey

Happy Friday! We’re participating in the Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop, presented by 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader

1. My feelings get hurt when ___________________________.

2. I am excited about _________________________________.

3. _____ first, then _____.

4. One time, I _____, that’s why _____.

1. My feelings get hurt when I’m talking with someone and they don’t seem to be listening. (Abbey: My feelings get hurt when Mama says “No, no, don’t scratch on the sofa” to me.)

2. I am excited about next weekend—four-day weekend. (Abbey: I’m excited about dinner!)

3. Play with the kitties in the evening first, then settle down to read or watch TV. (Abbey: First eat. Then look out the window at the birdies.)

4. One time, I wore clogs but fell and broke my foot, that’s why I wear closed shoes all the time. (Abbey: One time I got into the fireplace (don’t worry, no fire in it). But that’s why Papa closed it off.)

Have a great weekend, human and fur friends!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Mancat Monday

Happy Monday and Happy Summer! Connor here for another Mancat Monday.

Well, Mama and I have been in negotiations, and we have reached an agreement. More or less. She gets up a little before 5 a.m. and feeds us breakfast. She stays up to write, but if she wants to lie down again, I agree not to scratch on things. More or less.

Now it’s time for a nap. Even mancats need their sleep!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop

Happy Friday! We’re participating in the Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop, presented by 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader

1. The best brand of ____________ is _______________.

2. I refuse to buy _______________________ unless there is a sale or a coupon.

3. I am inspired by _________________.

4. Whenever _________________, I __________________.

This is Waddles and me years ago. Waddles was the first cat I adopted. Then my allergist
said I was allergic to cats and needed to find her another home. I refused. I had promised
her I would be her forever home, and I kept that promise. Besides, I'm allergic to a lot of things. I deal with it. Waddles was 9 years old when I adopted her. She lived to be 21.

1. The best brand of allergy medicine for me is Zyrtec. (It works well on my itchy, sneezy symptoms and doesn’t make me drowsy.)

2. I refuse to buy name brand allergy medicine unless there is a sale or a coupon. (It’s expensive!)

3. I am inspired by people who do what they love and help other people and animals at the same time

4. Whenever a person or animal around me sneezes, I say “Bless you.”

As you can probably guess from the trend in my answers, my allergies and asthma have kicked up this week.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop, and a Note


Note: Thank you for your comments about Connor! Oddly enough, he changed his routine early Tuesday morning. I woke up at 3:53 a.m. and he had not started his scratching. Soon after, he started scratching a bit, but not a lot. He let me “sleep” until almost 5 a.m. I think we will get a schedule worked out. And he’ll be on to something new to get into. 

I’m sorry that the cats and I have not been around to your blogs as much as we would like. We hope to get back on schedule soon.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Mancat Monday: What is going on, Connor?

Happy Monday, my friends! Connor here.

Mama says she is puzzled and frustrated. And tired. She has asked me what is going on, and I just don’t know what to tell her.

For the past week, I’ve been getting her up really early. Like, before 4 a.m. Every morning.

I scratch on the closet door in the hall so that it rattles and makes a noise. A big noise. Mama calls out, “Stop, Connor.” Then I go and stand beside Mama and purr. Then I go back and rattle the door. 

At first, she thought I was just hungry. She got up and fed me and the girls. But when she went back to bed, I started rattling the door again. So it’s not just hunger.

Papa has a hard time sleeping, so Mama just stays up with me after she feeds us. If she stays up for at least a while, with the light on, I settle down and seem content. I even let her lie down again to get a little more sleep.

I’m eating and playing and jumping and purring and having fun. Everything’s the same except I get Mama up early.

Mama is getting more writing done because she’s getting up so early. She does her back stretches, meditates, and then writes. Sounds like I’m helping her!

Mama says she’s not mad at me. She just wants to understand me. 

She says she thinks I get lonely because the girls are usually sleeping then, but I’ve had enough of everyone sleeping and want some company.

But she wanted me to ask you what you thought. Does it sound like loneliness? Do you think I’m going through a phase? 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop: The Connor Edition

Happy Friday! Connor and Tina here. We’re participating in the Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop, presented by 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader. Connor is helping me fill in the blanks:

1. I used to love to eat _____________________, but now it repulses me.

2. I would never eat _______________________, but now I love it. 

3. I always cry _________________________.

4. ___________________ always makes me laugh.

And the answers:

1. I used to love to eat mayonnaise and banana sandwiches, but now it repulses me. (Connor: Ewwww, Mama, how could you?)

2. I would never eat eggplant, but now I love it. (Connor: I’m not into veggies.)

3. I always cry when I think of my fur babies at the Rainbow Bridge. (Connor: But we will see them again someday.)

4. Watching my kitties have fun always makes me laugh. (Connor: She says she’s laughing with joy.)

Have a great weekend, humans and fur friends!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month

Natasha and I posed for a picture at the shelter on the day I took her home.

June is Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month. I need no convincing about how important it is to adopt from a shelter instead of buying from pet stores or breeders. Probably most of you reading this right now are nodding in agreement.

So what can we do to help those who do need convincing learn that adopting from the shelter saves lives and provides them—cats and humans—with joy and love?

Petfinder has an article on its website called “June is Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month: What Can I Do?” It has some great reminders of some of the things we can do to get the message out there.

For example, do you have a Facebook page and/or Twitter account? Use them to reach as many people as people.

Petfinder also suggests writing a letter to the editor to the local newspaper. Does the general public in your area know where the local shelters are? Do they know what the process is to adopt a cat? Tell them.

The county shelter where I live is not no-kill through no fault of the Animal Control officers. The shelter is small, and the county has no appetite for funding it better.

The shelter has an awesome all-volunteer group, Friends of Campbell County Animal Control, which works hand in hand with Animal Control to help increase adoptions and fosters. 

But not all the animals are adopted.

Getting the message out about the importance of adopting cats and dogs from the shelter is particularly important in an area like mine.

So what will you do this month—and all year round—to promote adoption?

Friday, June 3, 2016

Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop: Abbey

Happy Friday! Abbey and Tina here. We’re participating in the Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop, presented by 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader. We decided to fill in the blanks together:

The best money I ever spent was ___________________________, and the worst was___________________________.

My most memorable vacation was with ______________________ at ______________________________________.

It ____________________ when ___________________.

Once, I _________________.

Abbey in April 2015

The best money I ever spent was for my education, and the worst was for a lemon car in the 1990s. (Abbey says the best money I ever spent was for a wand toy that became her comfort toy.)

My most memorable vacation was with my friends Debbie and Renate at a conference in New Orleans. (Abbey says no vacations please—just stay home.)

It was a sunny day in April 2015 when I brought Abbey home from the shelter. (Abbey says she wouldn’t know—she hid under the dresser in the kitty room for most of the day.)

Once, long ago, I didn’t think I liked cats. (And I agree with Abbey—I didn’t know what I was missing.)

Have a great weekend, humans and fur friends!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

On Wednesday—Home with Cats #13: Just Being Home

I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.”
--Jean Cocteau

Some Wednesdays, we explore different ways home is changed, improved, and complicated when cats are part of that home.


A recent play session. Natasha and Abbey watch the whirring red butterfly toy
while Connor looks for something else to do.

Have you seen the meme that appears from time to time on Facebook that says “All I want to do is be a stay-at-home cat mom”? 

I am really feeling that this week. I’ve been on vacation—it’s really a stay-cation—since last Friday, and it has been wonderful spending more time than usual with my kitties.

I started a new job last May, two weeks after we adopted Abbey. We adopted Natasha in December and Connor in February. With a new job, it takes time to build time up to take off, so this is the longest I’ve been off for a year.

I’ve been able to learn more about the kitties’ weekday schedule. Larry had told me that they sleep most of the time. He’s retired and at home, but he’s in and out a lot. 

Yes, they sleep a lot during the day. But they play and run around too. They spend a lot of time looking at the Bird and Squirrel TV channel outside the windows. They wander in and out of the kitchen eating dry food. 

I have probably changed their schedule a bit, just by being here. One morning, after getting up at my usual 6 a.m. to feed them, I lay down for a nap on the sofa in the kitty Zen room. When I woke up, I saw the most beautiful sight: Connor was sleeping in the brown armchair on the yellow crocheted blanket; Abbey was sleeping in the fluff bed on the floor close by; and Natasha was sleeping in the red armchair with the soft green blanket. They had all gathered with me. 

I didn’t get a picture. I just enjoyed it. And of course, as soon as I moved, they all woke up. And followed me. They’ve been following me around a lot this week. And Connor especially has been more affectionate.

I think they like me being home more. I think they want me to be a stay-at-home cat mom.