Monday, August 29, 2016

Remembering the ones who have gone before

I didn’t post yesterday, Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, but I remembered by fur babies who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge: Thunder Cat, Waddles, Sam, and Chase Bird.

I miss them every day and love them forever.

I wanted to show you a pendant that I recently purchased in remembrance of my four at the Bridge and in honor of the importance cats have in my life.

I custom ordered the piece from TyDrops Forever Memories, which creates art and jewelry to help people memorialize and honor their loved ones, humans and animals.

Maria Romano Trampe and Beth Kauffman Ashcom, founders of All Souls Connected, a nonprofit dedicated to animal care and rescue and education, started the business last fall. 

They asked questions about the ones I was memorializing and about what I was looking for in a pendant. They took that information and created a piece that is perfect for me.

Maria and Beth are wonderful to work with, and I have a piece of jewelry I can wear that reflects my love for my fur babies.

Blessings to all of you who have fur babies at the Bridge. May all those at the Bridge always know how much we love them.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop: With Abbey

Happy Friday! And Happy National Dog Day to all of our dog friends!

We’re participating in the Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop, presented by 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader. Abbey is helping me this week.

1. I wish ____________ would bring back_________________.

2. An act of kindness that I do often is ____________________.

3. I still have ______________ from my childhood.

4. If I didn’t have ________________, I’d be completely lost.

Abbey sleeping with some stuffies that belonged to our Waddles.

1. I wish CBS would bring back “Person of Interest.” I liked that show. (Abbey: I wish our county would bring back the plans to build a new animal shelter. Our homeless animals need it.)

2. An act of kindness that I do often is to try to encourage others. (Abbey: An act of kindness that I do often is to give Mama and Dad head bonks.)

3. I still have books, including my Nancy Drew books, from my childhood. (Abbey: I didn’t bring anything with me when Mama and Dad brought me home. So I don’t have anything from when I was younger. But they gave me toys and food and lots of love.)

4. If I didn’t have my husband and my cats, I’d be completely lost. (Abbey: If I didn’t have my Mama and my Dad and Natasha and even Connor, I’d be completely lost.)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Mancat Monday: Mancat Thoughts


Happy Monday! Mama tells me to say that. I think every day is a happy day. But Mama says humans need extra wishes for happiness on Mondays. 

I’m sitting here thinking about things. Just the usual stuff for the most part—is there any breakfast left in Abbey’s bowl for me to eat; did Mama refill the dry food bowls; how many naps should I take today.

Thank you for helping Mama in last Monday’s post with figuring out why I don’t play with the feather on the rotating toy, but seem to love the base of the toy. She’s pretty much decided that I am an engineering kitty. There’s the possibility that the base is a space craft or a robot and I’m the only one who knows. But she’s leaning toward the engineering theory. I’m still not talking.

But let’s say I am an engineering kitty. Don’t some things make you wonder too? Like how some toys make noises and some don’t? Like what does Mama do to a toy to make it move? Like how Dad takes out all these things from a box and *poof* it’s a cat tree? Like what makes the water in the fountain gurgle?

Yep, it’s fun to think about these things. Of course, I think about other things too. Like why does Mama have to tell us bye-bye a hundred times before she leaves. Like why she points that camera thing at me and says my name over and over. But I guess if I think about those things too much, I’ll be a psychology kitty. I like engineering better.

And with that thought, I will wish you a happy week and go take a nap.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop: With Connor

Happy Friday! We’re participating in the Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop, presented by 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader. This week Connor is helping me.


  1. When I run out of ___________________, I use ___________________ instead.


  1. My guru is _______________.


  1. I am afraid of __________________.


  1. I feel empowered _______________.





1.         When I run out of energy, I use caffeine instead. (Connor: When I run out of steam, I use my ability to nap anywhere instead.)


2.         My guru is perhaps Joseph Campbell, who wrote about myths. His writings and interviews greatly influenced the way I see the world. (Connor: My guru is my Dad. He uses things called tools and gadgets and fixes things, and I learn a lot.)


3.         I am afraid of snakes, to an extent that I know is illogical. (Connor: I am afraid of loud noises. I don’t like them at all.)


4.         I feel empowered when I figure out how to do something new on my own. (Connor: I feel empowered when I’m at the top of the cat tree and look down on Abbey and Natasha.)




Wednesday, August 17, 2016

When you get the sads

Have you seen the memes showing a sad looking kitty and the words “I have the sadz,” or something similar? I think I could make a meme with my picture and those same words because I have the sads.

My cats are fine. Larry is fine. I am fine. But people in my pet community are sad.

Over the last few weeks, several of my Facebook friends have lost pets, including an orange tabby just 10 years old to cancer and a German shepherd who fought lymphoma with bravery for 17 months. And some friends’ pets are failing in health.

These are other people’s pets. Why am I sad? I have people in my life who don’t understand my sadness when a Facebook friend, one I’ve never met in person, loses a cat.

The sadness is not as great as if I was losing one of my own. But it’s a deep sadness nonetheless, and I think I feel this way for three main reasons:

I’ve been through the pain of losing a pet, and I know it can seem unbearable. It hurts to think that people I care about are experiencing that pain.

The loss of any life—a small kitten, a senior cat, a mighty dog, any of our animals—changes the world. That life changed the world by being here, and that life changes the world when he leaves, in even small ways, ways we don’t recognize.

I am reminded of the mortality of my pets and my own mortality.

The only way I have figured out to deal with the sadness is to try to show my love and support to those suffering. I remember how the expressions of love and concern when I’ve lost pets helped me more than I would have thought. Just knowing you’re not alone, that others have walked down a similar road, is comforting.

So I have the sads right now. But I am try to remember what my sweet kitty friend Chester used to tell his Facebook followers: “Hug your loved ones.” Yes, hug and love our loved ones while we can.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Mancat Monday

Happy Monday! Connor here with Mancat Monday.

You see this toy in the picture? It’s got a wand and a feather on it, and it spins around and changes direction. It makes you want to chase that feather.

Natasha and Abbey like the feather. Abbey will even catch it in her teeth and then smack with her paw.

But. . . I’m more interested in the base of the toy. The part that the girls find boring.

I sniff around the base, try to move it with my paws, and just sit and watch it. 

No one understands my fascination with it. And I can’t tell because then the girls will want to be in on it.

Why do you think I like the base of the toy more than the feather?

Friday, August 12, 2016

Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop: With Natasha

Happy Friday! We’re participating in the Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop, presented by 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader. This week Natasha is helping me.


1) My nickname is _________________________.

2) The first thing I ever won was _______________________.

3) I have never been to ____________.

4) Next year ___________.


Natasha's shelter picture


1) My nickname is I don’t really have a nickname. I had a friend who called me Teen years ago. (Natasha: Where do I start? Tasha, Tashie, Princess, Baby, Sweetie, Honey. It’s a wonder I don’t forget my real name.)

2) The first thing I ever won was a school poetry contest when I was in sixth grade. (Natasha: I won Mama’s heart when she saw my picture on the shelter’s Facebook page and came to visit me.)

3) I have never been to another country. (Natasha: I have never been to a catnip farm.)

4) Next year I’d like to find a literary agent to represent me. (Natasha: Next year I want to keep improving on my jumping skills.)




Monday, August 8, 2016

Mancat Monday: Connor’s Paws

Happy Monday, everypawdy! Connor here for Mancat Monday.

So I finally get a chance to chat with you again. And what does Mama want to show you? My paws?

I don’t understand the humans’ adoration for our paws. I don’t have time for Mama to tell me how “sweet” and “purrfect” my paws are. 

I need to USE my paws to jump over the sofa, to run from one end of the house to the other, to leap on top of the cat tree, to knock against the window when I see a bug outside. And of course, I need my paws to claw on things at 4 in the morning.

So I’m sorry the only picture you get today is of my front paws. Mama really needs to get some action shots of me. Maybe soon.

Meanwhile, have a great week!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop: With Abbey

Happy Friday! We’re participating in the Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop, presented by 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader. This week Abbey is helping me.

1. I am most proud of _____________________________.

2. I am embarrassed to admit _________________________.

3. My super-power might be _____________________.

4. I really wish I could _____________________.

Abbey helping to unpack the cat tree in July.

1. I am most proud of my family—my husband and kitties. (Abbey: I am most proud of my ability to jump and twist in the air at the same time.)

2. I am embarrassed to admit I can’t trim my cats’ nails. It’s hard for me to hold them and trim at the same time—I just can’t seem to master the rhythm needed. I have to get them trimmed at the vet’s. (Abbey: I am embarrassed to admit that sometimes, occasionally, rarely, I do something I’m not supposed to do just to get attention.)

3. My super-power might be being able to sense the emotions of the people and animals I’m around. (Abbey: My super power might be the ability to jump to high places and scare Mama.)

4. I really wish I could be a stay at home cat mom. I love taking care of my babies, and I miss them when I’m not here. (Abbey: I really wish I could have the cat tree to myself, without Connor and Natasha climbing all over it. It would have a sign on it saying “Abbey’s Tree. Others Must Keep Off.”) [Note: In the picture of me on Wednesday’s post, I was actually on the bench in the living room that Dad made us, not our cat tree.]

Have a great weekend, human and fur friends!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Garden

Happy Monday and Happy August! Abbey, Connor, and Natasha here!

We wanted to show you what we’ve been looking at all summer.

It's in our backyard.

It’s our garden. Dad built the raised bed two years ago and enclosed it so the deer wouldn’t eat it all. (We hope the deer aren’t mad at us. We still have lots of stuff in the yard for them to eat, and they seem happy with it.)

The garden went wild this summer. We had a lot of rain early on and then heat and humidity. And we planted late. The result: the lettuce didn’t do well. But the tomato plants are taller than any Mama and Dad have seen. The cucumbers are overflowing too. 

We’re told that the tomatoes and cucumbers taste very good. We wouldn’t know because we’re not allowed to eat any. And apparently nothing tasty to kitties was planted, DAD. 

Maybe next year. Meanwhile, we’ll just see if these plants can get any bigger.