Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Natasha is fuming

Oh, the indignity! Natasha here, still fuming about Saturday.

It started out like the usual Saturday. We got fed at the usual time, Mama went back to bed, then took her time with breakfast. She and Dad stood under that water thing and took baths (cats do it so much more efficiently) and dressed in their Saturday casual clothes. I did notice that Mama seemed nervous, but nothing too unusual.

Then suddenly, Mama snatched me from the top of my comfortable sleeping spot on top of the cat tree and put me in that box. You know, that plastic thing with bars on the door. Bars!

Then she put me in the backseat of Dad’s truck. And who else was in the backseat? Connor! Yes, my annoying little brother was right there in another plastic box. 

Then I had to listen to Connor sing the song of his people. He sang so badly, I joined in to try to help. And the whole time, Mama was saying things like, “It will be all right. We’re not going to leave you.” Well, it things were going to all right, why was I in the backseat of the truck with Connor?

We ended up at the vettie. There were DOGS there. They looked at me like they wanted to be friends, but I said, no way. I’m not making friends with anyone unless I’m at home.

Then Mama and Dad took me and Connor to a tiny little room. They took me out of the plastic box. The vettie and two other ladies came in. I hadn’t even had time to do my morning grooming, so I must have looked a mess. But all three ladies talked about how pretty I was. 

The vettie shined a light in my eyes, dared to look at my teeth, put a cold thing on my chest, and then squeezed me all over like she was trying to find hidden treasure deep inside me. Then she pronounced me healthy.

I thought things were over. But no, needles came out, and I got two shots! In my booty! 

Then I had to wait while Connor went through the same ordeal. Then we got put back into the truck. Mama kept saying, “We’re almost home!” Dad seemed to drive really slowly. I bet I could have gone a lot faster if he had let me drive.

I got home and tried to relax by playing. And then Mama had to pull the camera out and take a picture of me. Like all was well. I don’t think so. Yes, I am still fuming.

*Mama’s note: Natasha and Connor had their annual exam and shots, and they are both healthy. This time around, Abbey got to stay home. She was glad she wasn’t the one who had to go to the vet.*


  1. My old dog Zelda was the most sociable dog ever, except at the vet. The vet assistants would sweet talk her and she'd be like "leave me alone"

  2. Oh my stars, a surprise vet visit! We humans try to behave normally, but you KNEW something was up, Natasha! At least, you are both good to go, and I'm glad they didn't find any hidden treasures when they squeezed you!

  3. My three are mad at me right now too. They didn't get shots, but they did have to get flea/tick drops, which they all hate.

  4. I love it -- singing the song of his people! Go, Connor, Go!

  5. You poor kitties, I hope you got some treats after all that torture.

  6. guyz....sorree bout de trip two de place oh eeeeeeeeevil tho we iz buzzed happee ya both ree ceeved 984 pawz UP.... if ya can, stop bye on thurzday coz me N daiz haza kinda sort all most but knot yet de same kinda post like thiz one !

    ♥♥♥ tuna of moon

  7. Natasha, we must say that you look none the worse for the wear, and it is always nice to know your healthy and that ordeal is behind you for another year. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  8. Oh, Natasha! I can so relate! That happened to me today, too. The indignity of it all! I'm glad you survived. ~Wally

  9. So glad that both got clean bills of health! Cody says he can TOTALLY relate to a nice, calm morning being ruined by being rudely grabbed and shoved in the plastic box!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  10. "sing the song of his people" HAHAHA! Oh, I know this so well with my cats. This was such a funny post. I'm so glad that everyone is doing well.

  11. Well, THIS was unfair. And no chance to avoid it either. At least you're both pronounced healthy.

  12. Natasha and Connor, we are so sorry you had to go that place. But thank COD you got clean bills of health. Purrs!

  13. Did your vet give you cheese while you got your shots? Mine did that when I was a puppy but she seems not to do that any more. Come to think of it, it's a different vet. I'm going to ask mom to remind Dr N about the cheese policy. I liked that.
    I'm glad both you and Connor are well!!