Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Cat Relationships: Natasha and Abbey

Relationships among cats who live together can be a mystery. Some cats seem to bond immediately. Others live together for years and still hiss at each other in passing. 

In our household, Abbey and Connor are closer than the two girls or Natasha and Connor are to each other. 

But sometimes I see Natasha and Abbey together, birdwatching or lounging or napping. Sometimes they touch noses, stare at each other, and then they go on their separate ways. Sometimes one swats the other, and then they go on their separate ways. Then they surprise me when one bathes the head of the other.

I guess cats’ relationships are at least as complicated as human relationships.


Nap time

How do the cats in your household get along?


  1. Angel and Chuck wrastled as kittens, but as they age, they just go their separate ways. I get all squee when they sit near each other. The only hissing is when Chuck has been to the vet, and Angel freaks out about it for a couple of days.

  2. sauce and eye...knot sew well; ever.....boomer and dai$y were prettee kewl with each other... most lee all de time....gram paw dude waza "loner" !!! ☺☺♥♥

    tuna of moon ~~~~~

  3. Relationships can be so complex! Maggie and I are like best friends, sisters, and mama (me) and pup all rolled into one! We did love each other from the minute we met.

  4. Lizzie is an only cat but Stimpy and Gypsy used to get along pretty well. Stimpy was the senior member of the family, 7 years older. I think they brought each other out. Gypsy made Stimpy more loving and Stimpy kept Gyp in line!

  5. Wally and Ernie get along pretty good most of the time. Ernie and Zoey...well...they tend to ignore each other. Zoey and Wally...oil and water. They can't be together...they just don't get along.

  6. Oh, yes...it can be complicated. Hugs.

  7. we only have one cat and one dog so I couldn't tell ya!

  8. I don't have any, all the cats I know of (family) live alone or with dogs

  9. We mostly get along, except when we are both around mom. Then Toby gets bratty cuz he's totally a mama's boy.